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Wa Yip has renovated more than 1000 restaurants and has established good relationships with shopping arcades and properties under Cheung Kong Assets Holding, Sun Hung Kai Property Ltd., New World Development Company Ltd, Henderson, MTR Corporation Limited, Airport.

Wa Yip not only understands the renovation requirements of various types of restaurant, but is also familiar with the requirements and approval procedures when applying for a F&B license; it is a one-stop solution for F&B entrepreneurs and chain restaurants.

Take-Away SHOPS

(70 sq. ft or more is recommended)

Unique Store Qualities:

The area of the shop is relatively small, and it is difficult to accommodate construction with large numbers of staff at the same time
Most layout plans of these shops are not user-friendly, or has columns in the middle

Wa Yip’s F&B Engineering Solutions

Experienced staff with all-rounded skills will be assigned to undertake the whole renovation project, striving for the most efficient construction scheme with minimum manpower
Quality-assured stainless steel furniture can be tailor-made to suit the needs of private spaces, Wa Yip has created a one-stop-shop solution from site-measurements, layout planning to production. We promise authentic materials, reasonable pricing and speedy delivery within 10 days in special cases

Application for F&B License:

Licenses for food factories, frozen confectionery factories or bakeries etc. (Note: Take-Away Shops do not have any seats).
F&B Solution Budget: approximately HKD 150,000
Application for F&B License: approximately HKD 20,000

Coffee Shops

(400 sq. ft or more is recommended)

Unique Store Qualities:

In pursuit of a simple style, the cost of interior design is lower than a general restaurant, entrepreneurs can control costs

Some are upstairs coffee shops or industrial buildings are subject to licensing requirements for their respective F&B licence applications

Wa Yip’s F&B Engineering Solutions:

Provide tailor-made stainless-steelware services, site-measurements, layout planning to the production of goods all-in-one go, even if the F&B project budget is limited, we can still create the perfect ideal coffee shop of your dreams

Wa Yip ensures that all projects meets the licensing requirements of fire and emergency departments and various departments with our detailed solutions

Application for F&B License:

Suitable for applying for light refreshment licence, seats can be set up

F&B Solution Budget: approximately HKD 500,000
Application for F&B License: approximately HKD 30,000

Restaurants & Hot Pot Restaurant

(800 sq. ft or more is recommended)

Unique Store Qualities:

A series of licenses are needed and the restaurant must meet the strict licensing requirements

The ventilation system of the restaurant is especially important in accordance with the type of restaurant

Wa Yip’s F&B Engineering Solutions:

Wa Yip will conduct on-site inspections of the suitability of the store, inspect water and electricity supplies and ventilation systems, and make professional planning in accordance to strict licensing requirements for ventilation, fire and electricity safety protocols

Wa Yip provides total solutions in renovation and license application service. We delegate qualified persons to examine and issue certificates. Throughout the process, we will follow-up the approval and licensing statuses of various government departments

Application for F&B License:

Application for Light refreshment License, General restaurant license, liquor license, etc

F&B Solutions Budget: approximately HKD 900,000
Application for F&B License: approximately HKD 40,000

Food Factory and others

(300 sq. ft or more is recommended)

Store Unique Qualities
Most food production factories are set up in the industrial buildings, therefore water and electricity supplies and ventilation systems should be inspected with utmost care

Renovation practicality is prioritized, the renovation price will reasonably meet entrepreneurial requirements

Wa Yip’s F&B Engineering Solution:
Wa Yip’s F&B Solutions offers free evaluation, on-site renovation quotations and comprehensive project proposal from a professional engineering point of view

Wa Yip has its own stainless steel factory, with custom-made extra-large stainless steel kitchen stoves, kitchen cabinets and kitchen steel tables, etc, all-in-one, layout planning and manufacturing, authentic materials assurance at affordable pricing, guarantee completion in 7 days in special cases

Application for F&B License:
Licenses for food production factories, frozen confectionery factories, etc.
F&B Solutions Budget: approximately HKD 300,000
Application for F&B License: approximately HKD 20,000

Alternation │

  • Handling of LICENCE Transfer and Relevant Supporting Documents UBW Certificates

│ Licence Consultant │

  • General Restaurant Licence
  • Light Refreshment Restaurant Licence
  • Factory Canteen Licence
  • Bakery Licence
  • Food Factory Licence
  • Fresh Provision Shop Licence
  • Frozen Confection Factory Licence
  • Milk Factory Licence
  • Siu Mei and Lo Mei Shop Licence
  • Chinese Herb Tea Permit
  • Restricted Food Permit
  • Heating-Up Licence
  • Food Business Licence/Permit
  • Club License
  • Hotel License
  • Karaoke Establishment Permit
  • Liquor License

│ Application for Licence │

  • Certificate of unauthorized building works (UBW1 & UBW2)
  • Certificate of Compliance A (Health Requirements)
  • Certificate of Compliance B (Building Requirements)
  • Certificate of Compliance C (Fire Safety Requirements)
  • Certificate of Compliance D (Ventilation Requirements)
  • Annual certificates of ventilation and fire services installations
  • Work Safe Certificate of electrical installations (WR1)
  • Certificates of Compliance and Completion regarding gas installations
  • Fire Installations Certificates (FS251, 314A)

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