Types of Licences and Application Services​

Licence Consultant

  • General Restaurant Licence
  • Light Refreshment Restaurant Licence
  • Factory Canteen Licence
  • Bakery Licence
  • Food Factory Licence
  • Fresh Provision Shop Licence
  • Frozen Confection Factory Licence
  • Milk Factory Licence
  • Siu Mei and Lo Mei Shop Licence
  • Chinese Herb Tea Permit
  • Restricted Food Permit
  • Heating-Up Licence
  • Food Business Licence/Permit
  • Club License
  • Hotel License
  • Liquor License

Application for Licence

  • Certificate of unauthorized building works (UBW1 & UBW2)
  • Certificate of Compliance A (Health Requirements)
  • Certificate of Compliance B (Building Requirements)
  • Certificate of Compliance C (Fire Safety Requirements)
  • Certificate of Compliance D (Ventilation Requirements)
  • Annual certificates of ventilation and fire services installations
  • Work Safe Certificate of electrical installations (WR1)
  • Certificates of Compliance and Completion regarding gas installations
  • Fire Installations Certificates (FS251, 314A)

Application for Liquor Licence​

  • On behalf of client application for Liquor Licence and Club Liquor Licence


  • Handling of LICENCE Transfer and Relevant Supporting Documents UBW Certificates