Wa Yip – Professional F&B Engineering Solutions

Wa Yip – Professional F&B Engineering Solutions

Wa Yip’s Professional F&B Engineering Solutions provides F&B starting entrepreneurs and chain-restaurant owners with solutions that fully satisfy clients’ needs when it comes to renovations, construction materials sourcing and food licensing applications. Wa Yip’s one-stop service includes site selection recommendations, on-site evaluation, renovation, food and beverage license applications and maintenance warranty. Wa Yip has served more than 600 restaurants and food stores and is one of the leading experts in F&B renovation solutions.

F&B Solutions & Food License Application

Wa Yip is well versed in the renovation requirements for various types of restaurants. We also understand the complexity of applying for restaurant licenses; our F&B engineering solutions includes professional planning for electrical, mechanical, ventilation and gas regulations to fully meet the operational needs and licensing requirements of restaurant licenses.

Wa Yip’s senior project managers provide a free on-site evaluation and real-time restaurant renovation quotations. Water, electricity, plastering, paint, construction material sourcing and assembly are meticulously established in the entire project. We have created a reputation as the preferred contractor for many F&B starting entrepreneurs and chain restaurant group owners as a result of our utmost care to detail.

Professional Inspection and Certificate

Application for a restaurant license must be submitted with certificates issued by qualified persons such as structural engineers, fire services contractors, ventilation contractors, electrical contractors and gas contractors, Wa Yip will send a team to accompany the acceptance inspection teams, follow up with the inspection reports and coordinate all professional requirements in order to obtain the required certificates as soon as possible. Accurate progress reports will be sent submitted to clients to increase progress visibility.

Relevant certificate documents include: UBW 1, 2, CAT 1&2. Certificate of Compliance A, B, C, D, Certificate of Fire Services Installation and Equipment, Certificate of Ventilation and Ventilation Equipment, Certificate of Building Structural Safety, etc.

Stainless Steel Appliances and Customized Furnitures

We tailor-made stainless steel appliances such as kitchen stoves, kitchen steel cabinets, kitchen steel tables, etc. We can deliver manufactured stainless steel appliances with assured quality within 10 days of order confirmation, in addition to timely delivery, we ensure authentic materials and accurate size of appliances. Tailor-made furniture services will be carried out by our professional staff responsible for the project. After our professional staff’s on-site measurements and inspections of the shop conditions, the layout plans will be provided to the client for confirmation. Wa Yip guarantees customized stainless-steel appliances and furniture are fully followed up with strict guidelines to eliminate any delays caused by disorganized information.